Merry Christmas to YOU!

So Christmas Day was a few days ago and the kids were well pleased with their gifts. So much so that Ni, my oldest daughter, said that this was her best Christmas ever! Here’s the thing, she has been saying that every year and every year I agree with her! After all, as long as my kids are happy with their gifts then I should be satisfied.

Hell no! I’m not that parent who subscribes to that. Not knocking the parents who do, but I don’t. Yes I appreciate my children being happy with their gifts. But guess what? I LOVE opening gifts for myself, especially on Christmas, and not just my eyes either!

I am forever grateful for life, don’t get me wrong. But sis would like to rip the wrapping paper of a gift! Is this too much to ask for!!


What a girl gata do to get a Christmas gift around here?

According to my mom and siblings, once they get gifts for the kiddies the parent is out of luck.  And since I’m the parent, I’m out of luck


Welcome to the injustice of my life!

But I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday. Filled with lots of love, great food and drinks and even a gift or two to unwrap. As for me, mine was different and quite enjoyable. No presents later I was gifted with the presence of love


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